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Server Cloud Backup

R1Soft Backup Solution provides a flexible solution that eliminates the issues of running traditional backups. R1Soft’s Continuous Data Protection™ enables users to run frequent backups, with little impact on server performance.

Continuous Data Protection
R1soft's technology takes a full snapshot of your data and it only saves the bits that have changed afterwards. This means that you won't be constantly running full, performance-killing backups and your system won't be slowed down.
  • Quick backup operations
  • Cloud synchronization
  • Drastic reduction in disk and network I/O
  • Fully integrated cloud-based disaster recovery
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File System Backups
Block-level backups bypass the file system and read the data directly from the Disk or Volume. This means that you are able to run fast, performance-friendly backups regardless of the number of files you’re trying to backup.
  • Simple off-site backup and replication
  • Cloud synchronization
  • Online file management
  • Fully integrated cloud-based disaster recovery
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Flexible Data Recovery
Through the web interface you easily access individual recovery points. You can select individual files, directories or an entire file system to be restored in a short amount of time.
  • Individual file and directory recovery
  • Complete file recovery
  • Less downtime
  • No data loss
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R1Soft FAQ

Is R1Soft the right choice for me?
  • R1soft is a cost-effective backup manager that can be configured for any business. If you are not sure where to start our team of certified experts is ready to help you find the right configuration.

Where are my backups hosted?
  • Your backups will be hosted in our state-of-the-art facilities that ensure data redundancy and protection. For more information about our infrastructure visit our security page.