About vBoxx

Discover the story behind vBoxx and what our goals are!

Our story

Let us introduce ourselves! We are Valentijn, Saxwin and Alexander, the proud founders of vBoxx. At a little cafe in The Hague, we decided to make a change. Cloud technology was at an early stage, but we already noticed its future potential. It was time to challenge ourselves, and our competitors. How? By integrating the most innovative and secure features into your cloud. But more importantly: we establish a personal relationship with each of our customers. The technical support team is fully dedicated to give you a helping hand. Why? Because your needs are always our top priority! That why we are grateful to have been awarded as ‘The Best Cloud Services Company of the Benelux’! This was not possible without the support of our loyal customers.

A word from founder and CEO Valentijn Koppenaal

Watch the short video below to learn more about vBoxx from CEO Valentijn. What do we believe is the most important thing to provide our customers? What distinguishes us from other hosting providers and cloud services? Learn more about it in the video beneath!

green hosting at vBoxx
vBoxx is a Dutch hosting company that offers servers, cloud solutions and hosting capacity to companies all over the world. From a secure email server and Cloud to a secure website, customized for your company. We provide all the IT tools your business needs. Would you like to know more about our secure solutions and what is most suitable for your business? Request a free consultation with one of our experts! We are happy to help you make the best choice for your organization.
green hosting at vBoxx
Our vision
vBoxx strives to make modern technology available to all companies looking for secure and reliable solutions. This way, we want to help improving the cooperation within an organization. With personal attention and the necessary support, we want to ensure that companies can make use of these solutions. All this without having the technical knowledge. Our goal is therefore to eventually become the largest and most accessible player in the Netherlands and from there expand in Europe.
green hosting at vBoxx
Our mission
For us, everything centers on personal attention. When it comes to technical products, it is critical that the customer completely understands how things work. As a result, regardless of whether someone is a customer or not, everyone receives personal support with our products and services. We want to make our customers feel heard, which is why every customer is assigned a personal contact person for all your questions. No more waiting for an answer because you will be assisted immediately with a single phone call.

Our Certified Dutch Data Center (AMS-01)

Maincubes' modernized data center in Amsterdam offers the latest technology, high current density and impressive energy efficiency. The Dutch Data Center meets the strictest requirements for reliability and data protection. Watch a short video on the left to learn more about the Maincubes data center.

IT solutions that comply with the GDPR

vBoxx offers various secure solutions suitable for every company. We guarantee a safe infrastructure and flexibility to set up everything the way you want.

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Safe Hosting
At vBoxx we have created an SSD Web Hosting bundle with all the tools you need to get your website online safely and quickly. Managing your website is easy. In addition, you always have 100% backup and a free domain and SSL certificate.
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Secure Email
Get access to useful email tools and much more extra's with Kerio Connect. Our mail servers include; firewalls, backups, fallbacks and full technical assistance. If you need help with email migration, our team of experts is always ready to help.
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Secure Cloud
Reliable Cloud storage for your company, hosted in the Netherlands and 100% GDPR compliant. Easily share your files with people inside and outside your organization without losing control. Your files available on all devices, wherever you are.

Why do we host everything on green energy?

We believe it is very important to work in an environmentally friendly society. That is why vBoxx hosts all data in a data center where only green energy is used. This means that we use only half the energy of a typical data center. Not only is the data hosted in a better environment, we are also consciously working on this in the workplace. Printing paper hardly ever happens, because we digitize everything. At every step we strive for maximum sustainability; from hardware to paper and electricity.

Everything you need to know about vBoxx

What are the advantages of hosting data in the Netherlands?
  • No data surveillance, no NSA

    vBoxx servers are out of the jurisdiction of organizations like the NSA (USA) and GCHQ (UK). Dutch laws apply, and Dutch authorities don’t spy on you.

    Largest internet hub on the planet

    Hosting your data in the Netherlands means that your company will benefit from the largest internet hub on the planet. In practical terms it means your business will have a website, or application that will work at top speed.

Is support included with all your products?
  • Personal Support Included

    We provide customized support for every product we offer. From the moment you start a trial or make a new order you will have an assigned contact person who will be available to help you with any questions you may have.

Are you GDPR ready?
  • Yes!

    If your company conducts business inside the EU you will fall under GDPR. vBoxx is GDPR certified by an independent organization.

Where can I find legal documentation?
Personal support from experts in your own language

You will receive a personal email from one of our employees as soon as you test or purchase our hosting- or cloudsolutions. He or she will be your primarydirect point of contact within the organization. Do you have any follow-up questions, or are there any other issues? Then, as soon as possible, your contact person will check in with you and remotely resolve the problem. Request a free personal meeting now, where one of our experts will explain everything about our hosting- or cloudsolutions. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.