About vBoxx

100% dedicated to you

More than a hosting provider

vBoxx is a Dutch hosting company that offers servers, cloud services and hosting capacity to companies all around the world. We prize the personal care that we offer to our customers and proudly use our problem solving capabilities to help them achieve their goals.

  • Personalized IT Support
  • Years of experience
  • High Availability
  • Custom IT Solutions
Our vBoxx team works night and day to make sure we can provide the best personalized IT support
Personalized IT Support

Stay ahead of any issue with our proactive IT support. Our team of dedicated experts is ready to help you solve any IT problems.

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Premium Support
  • Data Migration Support
  • Customized IT Solutions
Our industry experts leverage their experience to identify the best IT solutions in any industry
Years of experience

We guide companies through all the possibilities IT can offer today. vBoxx can help you identify the best IT opportunities and solutions in any industry. Our experienced staff is ready to help you modernize your IT infrastructure.

  • Experienced IT experts
  • IT consulting and advice
  • Fast response
With 99.99% uptime, vBoxx frequently checks our servers to make sure our services run smoothly
99,99% Uptime

Our infrastructure is setup on a High Availability Platform which guarantees 99,99% uptime. To achieve this we carefully select high quality hardware that is closely monitored by our certified engineers.

  • High Availability Platform
  • Quality hardware
  • Certified engineers
Our team is ready to help you implement custom IT solutions to achieve your goals
Custom IT Solutions

You can always contact our team if you are looking for a more specific product or customized IT Solution. Our team is ready to help you implement the best IT strategies to achieve your goals.

  • Proactive
  • Available 24/7
  • Tickets / Email / Phone / On-site

Our Vision

vBoxx strives to make technology available and accessible to people by providing the tools to effectively collaborate within an organization. We provide solutions that help foster innovation and automation while maintaining data privacy.


We work with various brands to bring you the best IT solutions in the market and help you make the most of our services.

apple logo
Apple helps vBoxx provide high quality hardware for clients looking for IT solutions based on macOS.
HP logo
HP has been providing the fastest and most stable switches for every high-performance network since 1998.
evoswitch logo
vBoxx chose one of the best datacenters in the Netherlands for the best possible connection and facilities.
APC logo
APC is the best uninterruptable power supplier since 1984 and ensures that our servers are powered 24/7.
Dell logo
Dell offers consistency, reliability, security and low power consumption, key qualities for the best servers.
swiftway logo
Swiftway is one best network providers in Europe and hence the right partner for our infrastructure.

Everything you need to know about vBoxx

What are the advantages of hosting data in the Netherlands?
  • No data surveillance, no NSA

    vBoxx servers are out of the jurisdiction of organizations like the NSA (USA) and GCHQ (UK). Dutch laws apply, and Dutch authorities don’t spy on you.

    Largest internet hub on the planet

    Hosting your data in the Netherlands means that your company will benefit from the largest internet hub on the planet. In practical terms it means your business will have a website, or application that will work at top speed.

Is support included with all your products?
  • Personal Support Included

    We provide customized support for every product we offer. From the moment you start a trial or make a new order you will have an assigned contact person who will be available to help you with any questions you may have.

Are you GDPR ready?
  • Yes!

    If your company conducts business inside the EU you will fall under GDPR. vBoxx is GDPR certified by an independent organization.

Where can I find legal documentation?