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Privacy Insights
July 2, 2024

Meta Privacy Concerns: EU Fines and AI Data

EU fines, AI data dilemmas, halted AI training, Apple's rejection, and the impact on data privacy and tech innovation.

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Tips & Tricks
March 28, 2024

How to: Step up your password protection game

Most people are not using sticky notes anymore to save passwords, but what can you do to futher improve your password and account security?

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Case Study
March 28, 2024

Case Study: How Agrippa Saved 70% In Support Hours

By switching service provider, our IT-partner Agrippa managed to reduce their time spent on support, both internally and externally, by 70%.

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March 19, 2024

Major Internet Outage After Submarine Cable Breaks

Last Thursday March 14, 2024 an important submarine internet cable on the MainOne network experienced a fault that is most likely caused by environmental factors.

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legal nis2
NIS2 Guides & Tips
March 18, 2024

NIS2 Guide: How To Follow Your Data

Following your data is a big part of compliance with the new NIS2 directive issued by the EU. But... how do you track your data?

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server update
vBoxx News
March 13, 2024

vBoxxCloud has been updated to version 3.6

The highlights are updates to the Sync Tools, better email templates, MacOS 14 support, and better management for admins.

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Privacy News
March 12, 2024

European Commission is violating data protection laws with use of Microsoft

The European Data Protection Supervisor has ordered the European Commission to suspend use of Microsoft products.

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Privacy Insights
February 14, 2024

Microsoft's Hidden Agenda: Is Your Data Up for Grabs?

Understanding the Complexities of Microsoft's Data Privacy Policy and the Alarming Privacy-related Developments.

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