Hosted Synology NAS in the cloud

Secure and dedicated backup for the entire company

Veel meer dan alleen backups!

  • File Server
  • Synology Photos
  • Docker
  • E-mail
Intuitive image search and sharing
Whether you're a professional or amateur photographer, Synology Photos includes all the tools you need to efficiently manage your photos. Automatic tools help you group, filter, organize, and share your photos while keeping your memories safe.
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File Station from Synology
With File Station, you can share files on your Synology NAS with anyone and customize access permissions for optimal security. File Station makes it easy to share files across multiple platforms – whether it's Windows®, macOS®, and Linux® computers or mobile devices.
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Container software solution (Docker Inc.)
By using this advanced technology, Synology can seamlessly deploy even more packages on your NAS, applications such as Redmine or Gitlab or password managers.
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Your own Synology email solution
Use the local email solution on your own Synology Nas in the cloud. Including its own webmail client so that the entire company can continue to email even more easily, but safely.
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Official Synology Partner
As an official Synology partner we combine our state-of-the-art infrastructure with the Active Backup solutions from Synology to deliver great value for companies. All Synology Active Backups are hosted on our state-of-the-art servers in The Netherlands.

Why should you choose our Synology Backup?

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100% Private

Instead of buying a NAS device you will be essentially renting storage space, this makes it more affordable.

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Sustainable Backup

You will be in charge of your backups and data. From the admin panel you can monitor the backup status.

GDPR Ready
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Hosted in the Netherlands

Your backups are stored in ISO-certified data centers that meet the strict quality and security regulations.

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Free Redudant storage

All data of the Hosted Synology NAS is saved redundantly. This means that everything is saved an extra time.

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Personal Support

Providing personal support is very important to us. That is why you get your own account manager with our services.

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Our solutions are as flexible as you are. If you want something a little different, we'd love to hear from you.

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Sustainable backups for business and personal use
Choosing vBoxx as your backup solution, means that you will choose a green and sustainable backup. All our processes involve hardware optimization and the use of green datacenters. We aim for maximum sustainability and that includes how we configure our hardware and infrastructure.

  • 100% renewable energy
  • 60-80% less energy consumptiony
  • Carbon neutral

ISO 9001
ISO 27001
ISO 14001
24/7 Security

Your own Synology NAS in the cloud that fits your business

Do you have specific requests? We are happy to discuss during a free 1-on-1 online conversation.

6 TB hosted Synology
Medium Hosted Synology
  • 6 TB redudant storage (Raid-1)
  • 2 WD Gold enterprise disks
  • 1000 MB Up & Down Internet
  • 99.99% uptime
  • No setup costs
Most Popular
12 TB hosted Synology
Large Hosted Synology
  • 12 TB redudante opslag (Raid-5)
  • 3 WD Gold enterprise disks
  • 1000 MB Up & Down Internet
  • 99.99% uptime
  • No setup costs
18 TB hosted Synology
Extra Large Hosted synology
  • 18 TB redudante opslag (Raid-5)
  • 4 WD Gold enterprise disks
  • 1000 MB UP & Down Internet
  • 99.99% uptime
  • No setup costs
Bare-metal backup & recovery
Active Backup for Business ensures a system-level backup with bare-metal recovery of disk images, applications, and data in the event of distasters, protecting all endpoints in your network.
  • Use Time Machine to backup all data stored on macOS.
  • With the self-service recovery portal you can recover one individual file without restoring the whole system.
  • Generate boot media in USB and ISO formats to simplify device recovery.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are my backups encrypted?
  • All your backups are fully encrypted and the data stored are stricly confidential, since no users can access the content without your private key.

Does Active Backup support rsync servers?
  • The rsync protocol is used to transfer files from servers to your Synology backup. With rsync, you can enable block-level transfer, encryption, and compression control.

Does Active Backup support SMB servers?
  • SMB is used to transfer files from Windows file servers to your Synology backup. Active backup takes advantage of File Server Remote VSS Protocol (FSRVP) integration. This ensures that all your backups are consistent. Besides file backup, Windows ACL can also be backed up, helping you access control and restore files easily.

Do you offer any discounts for Active Backup?
  • If you need an signficant amount of storage for your backups you may be elegible to benefit from a discount. Feel free tocontact us. to request more information about our pricing tiers.

Is the Synology NAS hosted in a secure location?
  • Yes, all your backups are hosted in a secure location in the Netherlands. Our servers are located in state-of-the-art facilities, with the latest physical and online security measures.