vBoxxVault: versatile password manager for businesses

Our password manager is hosted in the Netherlands, so you can be sure that your data doesn't leave the Dutch borders. Save passwords, use 2FA, share passwords, and much more.

Securely Stored

We adhere to ISO-27001 standards, and your data never leaves the Netherlands.

Central Management

Receive reports and ensure all users in your organization are secure.

Groups and Sharing

Create groups and easily share passwords within your organization.

Very Affordable

All the features of alternative providers at a low monthly price.


The list of features is near endless. Call or email us to discuss your use-case and get personal advice.

Works on all devices
Easy migration
AES 256-bit encryption
API access
Extensive Logs
Account recovery
Emergency access
Personal support

Unlimited Items, Devices & Syncing

There are no limits as to what you can store and how many devices you can sync.

Custom Roles & Policies

Remain in control with custom roles and permissions. Organization-wide policies allow for granular control.

SSO Integration

Login to vBoxxVault without a password and integrate with the identity provider of your choice.


We have one of the highest value offerings in the market with a strong focus on privacy and security.


per month

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vBoxxVault FAQ

Where is the data in vBoxxVault stored?
  • The data from vBoxxVault is stored in the same data center as the rest of our services. The data center where the data is located is called Maincubes and is situated in Amsterdam. Your data never leaves the borders of the Netherlands. Both the data center and vBoxx itself are ISO-27001 certified, ensuring that your data is stored as securely as possible.

Is my data being backed up?
  • We create daily backups of all data in vBoxxVault. Restoring is easy and we are available if you need help.

How do I migrate from other solutions, like Lastpass, 1Password, Keeper, Dashlane, etc.?
  • Migrating is easy and fast. Just export your passwords and other items from your old password manager and import them to vBoxxVault. We are here if you need any help!