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IT management and consulting

Are you looking for specialized technical advice for your next project? Whether you have a large or small business, vBoxx is ready to tackle this problem together with you. We can recommend and implement the best solutions to help you deal with any IT issues you encounter.

Need help during your next IT project?
Our team of experts is ready to offer advice and support!
IT support with a personal touch

Our approach to giving the right IT advice and support is simple. We use our knowledge and experience to provide advice to your company.

  1. We start with a non-committing introductory conversation. One of our IT consultants will get to know your business, have an overview of your IT setup and how we can improve it.
  2. Once we officially initiate our collaboration, an evaluation will take place based on the introductory conversation. Depending on the assignment, this can take place at our office, at your office or over the phone.
  3. As soon as we have gathered all the required information we can develop a fitting plan of execution to work on your solution.
Build an IT infrastructure for the future

We recognize the challenge of building a new IT infrastructure that can meet future needs as your business grows. With our expertise, project methodology and knowledge of current and emerging technologies we help you build an infrastructure that serves your current and future needs.

Our consultancy plans include developing an internal IT infrastructure that can deliver IT solutions to your employees, partners and customers. This can include:

  • Connection to our external glass fiber network for a fast internet connection
  • Inspecting the current internal cable network
  • Selecting the central firewall, depending the requested options
  • Executing a WiFi-network plan on 2 floors
  • Depending on the solutions above, determining central switches
  • Configuring printers, scanners, copy machines, multi-functional devices
  • Access control, including staff overview
  • Determining the network infrastructure
  • Configuring Router, Switches, Firewall.
  • Configuring email, file sharing, cloud services, etc.
  • Identifying which facilities are already offered and which services can be executed by local providers
  • Providing a business cost estimate