Dedicated Synology Server

Access your own Synology to unlock the full potential of a Synology NAS. Back up Office 365, computers and servers, use the NAS as your own cloud and much more.

Custom Build your Synology Server
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With the confidence that Synology gives us, we can deliver a powerful solution for businesses around the world. By combining high-quality hardware and software with state-of-the-art Dutch datacenters, we can guarantee that your data is safe.


Starting at only €130, our expertise as the number one reseller of Synology in the Benelux does not come at a high price. Configure your own server by choosing:

  • Disk space
  • RAM amount
  • Synology Model, including Power Redundancy



per month

Synology NAS from vBoxx

We have three core values that every product of ours meets.
Our Synology Servers are no exception.

Privacy is number 1

We ensure that your Dutch Synology NAS is and remains 100% private and secure.

Personal service

No automatic answers, but personal service for questions and problems.


We monitor your Synology NAS 24/7. You will be notified immediately if something is wrong.

Flexible and expandable

You have access to the entire Synology NAS all the features you could need. There are many links to be made and expanding is therefore never a problem.

Secure your data

Our datacenters are secured with the latest security measures, both physical and digital. This way we ensure your data is safe on your Synology NAS.

Cost efficient

Maintaining your own NAS costs money and also a lot of time. Stay flexible and don't pay more than necessary. In addition, we are able to quickly help you in case of any problems.

Extensive management

Manage your applications online, so you can always make adjustments if necessary. If you have questions, we are always ready to help you and find a solution.

Sustainable Hosted Synology Nas

With vBoxx you choose a sustainable solution for your Hosted Synology NAS. vBoxx is aware that every device, including the Synology NAS, consumes power and that this can be harmful to the world. We optimize our hardware and software, choose green data centers that use 100% renewable energy and are carbon-neutral. Have you seen the forest we have planted over the years in Madagascar? Take a look, because you too can help if you become a customer of vBoxx.

See how we help
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Our Inventory of Synology Servers

We offer 4 models from Synology's RS series. These models are all very
versatile. Each model gives you access to all the features Synology has to offer.

RS822 synology


RS1221 Synology


RS2421 synology


RS2821RP synology


Included in all packages


Up- and down internet



No setup costs

Free support

Assemble your Synology

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Your selection

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Choose your disk



/ Month

Choose your RAM

Need help choosing? Get help within a minute!


Your Hosted Synology NAS has a wide range of features. We are always available for
questions if you need advice on how to setup your Synology NAS.

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Device Backup

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Backup for Microsoft 365

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File server

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Docker (container)

IT solutions that comply with the GDPR

Our hosting and cloud solutions are GDPR ready. We guarantee a secure infrastructure and flexibility to set up everything the way you want.

  • Google
  • Email
  • Photos & Videos
  • Music
  • Video surveillance
backup met synology voor google
Backup for Google Workspace
Keeps Gmail, Google Drive and more backed up. Can also be ordered separately for only €2,25 per user / month
synology email solution
Use the local email solution to securely and easily send email from your synology NAS.
synology foto's beheeren
Manage Photos and Videos
Group, filter and share your memories. All the tools you need to efficiently manage your media.
muziek synology
Listen to your music in high quality, create playlists and share them with friends.
videobewaking synology
Video Surveillance
Remotely manage IP cameras. Record images, schedule recordings, review images and receive notifications.
  • Virtual Machines
  • Webhosting
  • OAuth
  • VPN
  • SSO
virtual machine synology
Virtual Machines
Create, run and manage multiple virtual machines on your own Synology NAS.
webhosting met synology
Host and publish your own website. After installing PHP you can create dynamic websites yourself.
Oauth synology solutions
Give third parties easy and secure access to data using OAuth.
VPN met synology
Securely connect to local networks by using the Synology NAS as a VPN server.
SSO met synology
Make logging in easy by using the Synology NAS as an SSO server.
  • Wordpress
  • Joomla
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • Apache
  • phpMyAdmin
Wordpress synology
Use the world's most popular CMS to build and publish a website.
Joomla synology
With the most popular alternative to Wordpress, you can build a website in no-time.
Node.js synology
Node.js v16
Node.js is a popular platform to easily build fast and scalable network applications.
PHP synology
PHP 8.0
PHP allows for dynamically generated web pages. Use the latest version of PHP on your NAS.
Apache synology
Apache HTTP server 2.4
Use Apache as the back-end server within your Synology NAS.
phpmyadmin Synology
Easily and quickly manage all existing databases on your NAS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my backups encrypted?
  • All your backups are fully encrypted and the data stored are stricly confidential, since no users can access the content without your private key.

Does Active Backup support rsync servers?
  • The rsync protocol is used to transfer files from servers to your Synology backup. With rsync, you can enable block-level transfer, encryption, and compression control.

Does Active Backup support SMB servers?
  • SMB is used to transfer files from Windows file servers to your Synology backup. Active backup takes advantage of File Server Remote VSS Protocol (FSRVP) integration. This ensures that all your backups are consistent. Besides file backup, Windows ACL can also be backed up, helping you access control and restore files easily.

Do you offer any discounts for Active Backup?
  • If you need an signficant amount of storage for your backups you may be elegible to benefit from a discount. Feel free to contact us. to request more information about our pricing tiers.

Is the Synology NAS hosted in a secure location?
  • Yes, all your backups are hosted in a secure location in the Netherlands. Our servers are located in state-of-the-art facilities, with the latest physical and online security measures.