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IT Infrastructure Services

Do you want to redesign your current IT infrastructure? Do you need professional advice and support to do so? vBoxx can help you.

  • Develop a plan of execution and assist you with redesigning of your IT infrastructure
  • Provide customized and exclusive plans of action
  • Offer Competitive pricing on acquiring servers, licenses, software and more

If you have any questions regarding your IT infrastructure, do not hesitate to contact us, we are eager to find a solution for you!

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Designing an IT infrastructure

Company buildings often house multiple businesses and host many events. vBoxx has developed a plan and executed this in cooperation with an IT management company. Components of this are:

  • Installing a glass fiber connection
  • Installation of a high speed WiFi network with different Virtual LAN’s (VLAN)
  • Mobile media centers connected via Apple TVs
  • Design of server space
  • Wi-Fi login system
designing an IT infrastructure with vBoxx