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Free SSL Certificate

Let's Encrypt SSL certificate is included in every web hosting package.


Easily go back in time to restore your website when you notice something went wrong.

Spam Filter

Use our supplied spam filter to keep viruses out. Prevention is the best medicine.


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Why register your domain name with vBoxx?

data stored in the Netherlands

DNS servers hosted in Europe

All our DNS servers are hosted in the EU and benefit from European Data protection laws.
secure data centers

Full control over your domain

We give you full control over your domain. No extra costs for sub-domain records, and more!
high quality IT infrastructure

Domain transfer support

We always help you with transfering your domain even if you go to another provider.
GDRP compliance

Instant Delivery

Ordering a Web Hosting package is quick and easy, once your domain is registered.
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GDPR Ready
vBoxx is 100% GDPR compliant. Hosting your website with us means that we will protect your personal data.
Firewall Protection
We take advantage of the latest technologies to keep your website secure at all times.
Technical Support
Our technical team is ready to provide support whether you are setting up a new domain or transfering a domain .
Direct Admin
Manage your domain and website with the Direct Admin control panel. Included in all Web Hosting packages.
Magic Spam
We have partnered with Magic Spam to protect you from Spam. Included in all Web Hosting packages.
Free Email
A vBoxx domain includes a free domain that you can easily manage from the Direct Admin control panel.

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Domain Name FAQ

How do domain names work?
  • Every website is hosted on an internet web server, or a “host”. Computers access these hosts using an IP address – a string of numbers like

    A Domain Name converts the IP address to a more memorable, text-based version so that you don’t need write a long string of numbers to find the websites you want. This is possible because of the Domain Name System – more commonly known as DNS.

    Think of your domains as web addresses, where others can find you online.

What is an extension?
  • An extension is the last part of a Domain Name. Extensions are often referred to as TLD (Top Level Domain) or domain roots.

    There are many different types of TLDs, they can be country specific such as for the UK or .nl for the Netherlands.

    Some of the most popular TLDs include: .com, .org and .net

    Having trouble choosing the right domain name? Contact our team and get free advice.

What are gTLDs?
  • gTLD stands for generic Top-Level Domain. A gTLD is a an extension that serves as an alternative to traditional domains. Examples: .com, and .nl

How do I add hosting for my domains?
  • If you have registered a domain name with vBoxx, you can directly order a Web Hosting package.

    If your domain name is hosted with another company, you will need to transfer it to vBoxx before you order your Web Hosting package. If you need assistance during this step, our team is ready provide assistance. Get in touch!