Green Hosting

Sustainable hosting for your business.

Sustainable Practices
Our Commitment

At vBoxx we are committed to building a business that is socially responsible and environmentally conscious. We know how important socially responsible business is and we constantly consider the impact of our business on society and the environment.

We only work with suppliers that share the same sustainable values. To provide an excellent service to our clients we often replace hardware in our datacenters with more efficient equipment from our suppliers.

All disposable hardware is repurposed or recycled in accordance to Dutch law.

Environmentally Conscious
Green Infrastructure
Paperless Procedures
vBoxx hosts its data in sustainable data centers providing green hosting to many clients

Green Data Centers

Green hosting and sustainable business practices are at the core of our working conduct. Hardware optimization and the use of renewable energy are only a part of this process. With every step of our production process we aim at maximum sustainability, ranging from hardware to paper and electricity.

  • 100% Green Energy
  • Optimized IT infrastructure
  • Low PUE Scores
  • Building Management System
green energy is at the core of our hosting services
100% Green Energy

Your data is hosted at Evoswitch facilities. Evoswitch is the first carbon-neutral data center in the Netherlands and have been leaders ever since.

A combination of wind power, hydro and biomass provide the energy needed to host our servers and your data.

we re-evaluate our IT infrastructure design constantly to keep it efficient and reliable
Optimized IT Infrastructure

An optimized IT infrastructure is essential to minimize long-term environmental impact. We re-evaluate our infrastructure design constantly to make sure it stays efficient and reliable.

  • Hardware revisions to ensure efficiency
  • Server operation tightly controlled
  • 60% to 80% energy saved in data center operations
vboxx low PUE levels
Low PUE Scores

Power Usage Effectiveness: the ratio of total energy used by a facility to the energy delivered to equipement.

Maintaining low PUE levels is very important to reduce the environmental impact of our hosting facilities. Additionally by focusing on reducing PUE levels cuts costs.

  • Low PUE levels
  • Energy consumption optimization
building management system vboxx
Building Management System

Building Management Systems (BMS) help optimizing the energy consumption of our datacenter. Some of the measures implemented include:

  • Advanced data floor management
  • Lighting linked to movement sensors
  • Modular build-out to minimize power overhead
vBoxx is part of the climate neutral group
Climate Neutral Group

vBoxx collaborates closely with Evoswitch, their state of the art facilities ensure that we keep offering reliable and sustainable hosting.

An important factor in our sustainable business strategy, is the structure of our hosting-optimized efficient energy use. In other words, we do not work with individual servers but centralize our storage (cluster hosting).

Green Footprint:
  • Your data is hosted in a climate neutral data center, where green energy is used exclusively. Thanks to our highly advanced cooling system, only half the energy of a typical data center is needed.
  • We purchase our low power usage servers from Dell. All vBoxx servers are selected and delivered on this condition.
  • We make an active effort to control company car emissions, minimize the use of office paper and maintain our green hosting policies.

ISO 9001
ISO 27001
ISO 14001
Green Fan Program

Through constant innovation EvoSwitch has developed the Green Fan program. vBoxx is also a member of this program and we are proud to work together with EvoSwitch and make a positive contribution towards a better environment.

The Green Fan program is a collaboration of various IT-businesses that want to make an essential contribution to the environment. Together with partners and end users, EvoSwitch ensures that all applications are available in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

green fan program logo