Cloud VPS

Powerful and secure VPS hosting

Customize your VPS to match your workload

Configure your own virtual server to run custom applications at maximum speed. Our virtual private servers provide a dedicated environment where you can develop your own projects with 99.99% uptime.

vBoxx servers offer uncompromising security
Uncompromising security
Whether you have a small, large or e-commerce website, we have a VPS plan for you.
vBoxx VPS can be customized to deal with any workload
VPS for any workload
Choose from a wide range of Linux and Windows operating systems. You can fully customize your VPS.
 all vBoxx servers are configured to deliver maximum performance
High Performance
Our Cloud VPS has been configured to ensure maximum performance based on the latest SSD technology.
Customize your VPS

Cloud VPS Features

vBoxx cloud VPS features

vBoxx offers fast Virtual Private Servers based on an SSD platform. This platform is extremely fast since it relies only on SSD Hard Drives and is based on CEPH, the new generation of responsive and fast “Scale Out” storage technology.

OS Templates
99.99% Availability Monthly Fees Archlinux
Dedicated Resources Flexible Upgrades R1Soft Recovery
100% SSD Storage 24/7 Expert Support Ubuntu
Root Access Custom configuration Windows
Customize your VPS

Secure VPS hosting

Run your own custom applications on VPS environments designed for maximum security and performance. Our virtual private servers are hosted in the Netherlands in a state-of-the-art datacenter.

  • Certified Infrastructure
  • SSL Encryption
  • Firewall Protection
  • High Availability
ISO certificates
Reliable and Secure

Our datacenter is among the safest and most modern in the world. Everything from redundant storage, to access and data transfer is designed for maximum security.

  • ISO 9001 – Quality management certification
  • ISO 27001 – Information security management certification
  • ISO 14001 – Environment management certification
vBoxx servers are SSL encrypted
Maximum Protection

SSL encryption is included in all VPS packages you order. All communication is secured through SSL encryption. This prevents anyone from reading or intercepting your data when using our servers.

data center security
Multi-front security

Every vBoxx product is protected by an external firewall that helps keep you safe from online threats.

  • Powerful Software Firewalls
  • Housed in our data center
  • Hosted in the Netherlands
vBoxx offers 99.99% uptime
99,99% Uptime

A vBoxx VPS is located on a High Availability Platform. This means that vBoxx can guarantee 99.99% uptime. These platforms were created by vBoxx using our own high quality hardware and a strong dedication from our certified engineers.

  • High Availability Platform
  • Quality hardware
  • Certified experts
Looking for secure cloud storage for your files?
Try vBoxxCloud and keep your documents under control!

VPS Hosting FAQ

Is Cloud VPS the right choice for me?
  • A Cloud VPS is a cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized businesses with different demands. Whether you host an email server, a website or database, a virtual private server is a good solution.

    Our VPS hosting gives you the same levels of security and control as a Dedicated Server without making you pay for resources that are not being used. You still get dedicated RAM, CPU and disk space allocations but at a much lower cost and more flexibility.

Where is my VPS hosted?
  • Your VPS is hosted in the Netherlands and takes advantage of one of the largest internet hubs in the planet.

Can I change the configuration of my current VPS
  • You can always contact our IT support and submit a request to change your VPS configuration. Since we work on a monthly payment basis you can easily change the configuration within a reasonable amount of time.