High performance servers

Scalable & High Performance Servers

Do you need a reliable server? vBoxx servers are customized to fit all your IT-demands, whether you are a small or medium company. At vBoxx quality is our highest priority for all of our server types, we are proactive when approaching any problem, because we know how critical servers are for your business.

VPS Hosting
High availability, performance and security

Virtual Private Servers give you the possibility to have complete control of your server. You get the same functionality as a dedicated server but because multiple virtual instances are running on one set of hardware the costs are significantly lower.

Excelent Performance
Complete Control
Redundant Power Feed
Dedicated Server Hosting
Powerful resources on demand

Do you have a large website with a significant amount of data traffic or an extensive web shop? Our dedicated servers offer a dedicated environment that delivers top performance help you handle heavy workloads.

High Performance
Mac Hosting
Our Mac Mini or Mac Pro server solutions can serve various purposes:
  • Video editing
  • Software development
  • Network support
  • Remote workspace
  • Remote collaboration
Take a look at our Mac Hosting page if you want to find out more about the Apple servers at vBoxx.

Hosting Features

We care about your data. vBoxx is fully compliant with GDPR and employs the latest security measures to ensure that your servers and customer details are at all times secure and stay confidential.

vboxx servers are custom built to meet your business needs

Robust Infrastructure

vBoxx servers are custom built to meet the needs of your business and benefit from a state-of-the-art infrastructure.
vboxx servers give you full root access

Full Root Access

You will have administrator level access to your server, this way you can take full control over the server settings.
vboxx technical support is ready to provide assistance

Technical Support

Our team is ready to assist you and provide advice if you need help making the right choice for your business.
vboxx servers are easy to configure

Easy Setup

After ordering a server, our team will give you updates on the status and process of setting up your server.

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vBoxx servers are customized to fit all your IT-demands, whether you are a small or medium company.

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