Device Backup

With Device Backup, you can effortlessly oversee backup operations for both physical and virtual environments through a centralized control panel, ensuring uninterrupted access to your data and services.

Extensive platform compatibility

Ensure your data is well-protected on various platforms, and get data back in no-time.

Simplified backup processes

Gain full control and ease of use with a fast setup and one control panel, reports, and messages.

Efficient infrastructure

Control your bandwidth usage by scheduling backups, limiting the transfer speed, and minimizing wasted storage.

Safety and Security

Lock backups so they don't get deleted, manage access, and share admin tasks.


You will be able to manage all backups from one convenient place. With a monthly invoice, you will be able to change the amount of devices and storage each month.


per device


per 50 GB

Cross-Platform Data Backup Solutions

Catering to Diverse Environments: Robust Data Backup for PCs, Macs, Physical Servers, File Servers, and Virtual Machines.

PC & Mac

Experience seamless data protection for your Windows PCs and Mac devices. Active Backup for Business offers comprehensive system-level protection, disaster recovery, and storage efficiency solutions, all managed from a centralized console. Keep your data safe and minimize downtime, with easy setup and optimized storage utilization.

Centralized System-Level Protection

Manage and backup Windows PCs and Macs from a single console.

Bare-metal recovery ensures data and system restoration in case of downtime.

Protection Against Disasters

Safeguard PCs and Macs from ransomware and system crashes.

Create backup schedules or trigger backups on specific events.

Storage Efficiency

Utilize efficient backup technologies to reduce storage costs.

Data deduplication.

Incremental Backups.

Storage compression.

Streamlined IT Deployment and Management

Deploy multiple PC backup tasks easily.

Self-service restoration option.

Configure backup templates for automated frequency and retention policies.

Physical Servers

Elevate your server data protection with Active Backup for Business. Migrate seamlessly between physical and virtual environments, enjoy efficient backups and versatile recovery options, all managed from a centralized dashboard.

Virtual and Physical Integration

Migrate data seamlessly from physical to virtual environments for uninterrupted service during unexpected interruptions.

Efficient Backup and Recovery

Global deduplication reduced data redundancy across devices.

Forever-incremental backup minimizes backup time and bandwidth.

3-2-1 Backup Rule

Replicate backups offsite for quick data restoration during site downtime.

Unlimited, License-Free Protection

Safeguard all your data without restrictions on the number of computers, servers, or virtual machines.

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Official Synology partner

With the confidence that Synology gives us, we can deliver a powerful solution for businesses around the world. By combining high-quality hardware and software with state-of-the-art Dutch datacenters, we can guarantee that your data is safe.

File Servers

Enhance your file server protection with Active Backup for Business. Support for various platforms and protocols ensures comprehensive backup capabilities. Streamline administration with centralized management, agentless backups, and flexible schedules.

Comprehensive File Server Protection

Supports multiple platforms and file protocols for reliable backups.

Centralised Management

Efficiently manage file server data, reducing IT administration overhead.

Simple Deployment and Agentless Backup

Flexible backup schedules to suit specific protection policies.

Secure Data Storage

AES-256 encryption for data security.

File self-healing for error correction and storage efficiency.

Virtual Machines

Elevate your virtual machine data protection with Active Backup for Business. Backup and recover unlimited virtual machines from VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V with efficient storage space reduction. Enjoy agentless backup, application-aware image backup, and built-in deduplication for streamlined processes.

Virtual Machine Backup and Recovery

Backup unlimited VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines with efficient storage space reduction.

Agentless Backup for VMware and Hyper-V

Incremental backup with native integration for faster backup processes.

Application-aware image backup for data consistency.

3-2-1 Backup Rule

Replicate backups offsite for quick data restoration during site downtime.

Rapid Recovery Options

Minimise Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) by restoring VMs to various hypervisors.

Migrate physical servers or VMs to Synology VMM during interruptions.

Self-service recovery portal for file-level granular recovery.

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