A complete business tool securely hosted in the Netherlands

Work with your email, calendars and tasks in one integrated environment, initiate video conferences that can be joined by anyone, and get detailed reports about your account.

Affordable Storage

High quality redundant storage for a low price.

Servers in the Netherlands

Your data remains within the Netherlands. This way you are compliant with the GDPR.

Efficient collaboration

Share, meet and a central hub for your files.

Alternative for MS Exchange

A privacy focused alternative for MS Exchange.

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Get everything for €19,50 with free web hosting, and vBoxxVault!

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Compare the two types of users for vBoxxConnect and make the right choice for your business.

Perfect small businesses and starters
The best choice for most businesses
Most popular
Per user /month
10 GB storage /month
Fast support
Video conferencing
Encrypted chat
Exchange Web Services
Free migration
Exchange Active Sync
Daily backup
Free backup restoration
Multiple domains

Essential Features

  • Email & Contacts
  • Calendars & Tasks
  • Frictionless Conferencing
  • Reports
Email & Contacts
With vBoxxConnect, you can send emails and use your contacts for easy management. See all the conversations you've had with someone, tag messages, set up signatures, and use templates. vBoxxConnect is as versatile as you need it to be and adapts to your way of working. Additionally, the integration with vBoxxCloud ensures that you can securely and easily share files.
Calendars & Tasks
You can use multiple calendars to keep track of all your appointments. Send a meeting invitation directly from your calendar or create a video meeting via vBoxxConnect. You can also easily manage all your tasks in one place to streamline your project management.
Frictionless Conferencing
Create a meeting from the calendar or via the online platform and send invitations. vBoxxConnect allows you to meet with anyone, set a password, add participants, share files, chat, and much more.
Keep a close eye on the amount of storage being used, the number of messages sent and received, the type of spam being sent, and whether any viruses have been detected in the mailboxes.

Configure your vBoxxConnect and get started!

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Total Storage

10 GB


Do you need more than 100 users or 1000 GB storage? Contact us in that case.

vBoxxConnect FAQ

Where is the data in vBoxxConnect stored?
  • The data from vBoxxConnect is stored in the same data center as the rest of our services. The data center where the data is located is called Maincubes and is situated in Amsterdam. Your data never leaves the borders of the Netherlands. Both the data center and vBoxx itself are ISO-27001 certified, ensuring that your data is stored as securely as possible.

Is my data being backed up?
  • We create daily backups of all data in vBoxxConnect. If you ever encounter an issue and lose data, we can restore it for you. In vBoxxConnect Business, this restoration is included in the price, while for Starter, we may charge additional fees for it.

Do you help with migrating emails and calendars?
  • As an additional service, we offer free migration. This means you don't have to worry about transferring your data to vBoxxConnect correctly. You can also easily migrate on your own, but if you prefer assistance, we are always ready to help!