Backup for G Suite

Protect your Google Suite data

Protect your files at all times
Google makes you responsible for your data. G Suite services are not backed up or saved for a long-term need. Our G Suite backup services help you take charge of your data.
  • GDPR Ready backup
  • Continuous Backup
  • Flexible file versioning
  • Smart restoration
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Official Synology Partner
vBoxx is an official Synology partner. In partnership with Synology we combine our state-of-the-art infrastructure with the Active Backup solutions from Synology to deliver great value for companies looking for Office 365 and Google Suite backups. All your data is backed up on our servers in The Netherlands.

Affordable G Suite Backup

For a very low price you can guarantee that all your important Office 365 files and databases are secure.

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Unlimited Storage
2,25 /month
  • G Suite Sign In
  • GDPR Ready Backup
  • Easy to access dashboard
  • Unlimited Storage
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Backup all your G Suite Services

granular backup restoration - vboxx
Granular Restoration

You can restore single files, with complete metadata. This includes email, attachments, contacts and calendar events.

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Data Content Search

Detailed filters help you quickly find the files, emails and attachments you want to restore. Avoid looking through an entire G Suite data backup.

and more!
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Data Preview

Before restoring any file, email or contact, you can preview the content in detail before restoring to avoid wrong items.

g suite smart restoration - vboxx
Smart Data Restoration
When Active Backup for G Suite is active, employees and admin can easily restore or export data with a few clicks.
  • Granular Restoration
  • Content Search
  • Data Preview and Export
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which G Suite services are supported?
  • My Drive, shared drives, all the corresponding metadata and Google online applications, are all supported for backup.

Which Gmail data is backed up?
  • Active backup for G suite protects your Gmail data, including labels, label structures and attachments, can all be backed up.

Can backup my G Suite data to another device to have a second copy?
  • At the moment the backup copy feature is not supported at this time, but it is on the list of features to implement in the future.

Are there any hidden costs to Active Backup for G Suite?
  • You will only have to pay 2.25€ per user/month to keep all our G suite data backed up. If you have questions about pricing feel free to contact us.

Where are my backups hosted?
  • Your backups are 100% hosted in the Netherlands in state-of-the-art facilities.

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