IT Maintenance and support

IT Maintenance

Regular IT maintenance helps protect your data and minimize the risk of more serious IT problems. We understand that you need to be able to deal with any hardware and software issues and we are ready to help you take simple steps to minimize risks.

Software maintenance and configuration

A dedicated vBoxx expert can provide advice and help you install regular software updates. After scheduling a one-on-one session with our expert we can start implementing a maintenance strategy, this can include:

  • Backing up your files
  • Maintenance outside of working hours
  • Extended maintenance on Friday night
  • Frequency of maintenance
  • Emergency maintenance
Hardware Maintenance

Through time hardware becomes worn and outdated. While this is not always easy to predict, the consequences can be highly disruptive for your business. Over the years our staff has accumulated vast experience in predicting when you should replace hardware or conduct maintenance.

If you have questions regarding your hardware or want to take advantage of the vBoxx infrastructure, contact our support team, we are ready to discuss the available options.

Factors that may influence your maintenance are:
  • The year that the hardware was built
  • Components
  • Environment
  • Usage
  • Brand

If you have company printers, computers, tablets or other hardware that needs to be replaced, we can be of assistance as well.