How Agrippa saved 70% in support hours by using vBoxx

By switching service provider, Agrippa managed to reduce their time spent on support, both internally and externally, by 70%. Reliability is very important for them as IT-partner, while they currently help about 1800 end users with their expertise and the products of vBoxx.

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At Agrippa they believe in flexibility to get to a maximal result. From ICT Consultant to ICT Helpdesk Management and from Security Officer to Dashboarding. This way they realize their goals together with their clients!

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Danny from Agrippa

Danny van Kimmenade

As General Manager, Danny has been involved with Agrippa since its inception. Because of this he has experienced all IT developments and the offerings that Agrippa has for their clients.

In the rapidly evolving cloud services market, the partnership between Agrippa and vBoxx provides a good example of ingenuity, dependability, and customer-focused solutions. Innovating IT services with a focus on flexibility was the main objective of Agrippa since its founding. But their journey was not without some challenges. While looking for a cloud service provider that could guarantee data localization together with dependability and security, Agrippa came upon vBoxx.

The Story of Agrippa

Agrippa was established in November 2016 by a duo who were enthusiastic about utilizing cloud technologies. Their goal was to provide cloud solutions while navigating the competitive IT services industry. The roots of Agrippa date back to 2007, and profited from an early combination of youthful ambition and seasoned experience. With six technicians and administrative support, Agrippa operates with a lean staff of eight to nine people, demonstrating exceptional agility and a dedication to providing top-notch services.

Navigating the Industry Landscape

Agrippa's constant challenge in the IT and cloud services industries is matching state-of-the-art technology to the unique requirements of its clients. For companies that depend on cloud infrastructure, this industry demands not only creative solutions but also dependability and security, which are non-negotiable. Agrippa's journey has been characterized by a never-ending quest of excellence and tactical choices that direct the business in the direction of expansion and client happiness.

Milestone for Strategic Growth

The stabilization of Agrippa's cloud services was a critical milestone that improved operational effectiveness and decreased customer complaints. This achievement highlights the value of strategic alliances, which has helped to ensure service reliability and overcome technological obstacles. That stabilization did not come easy though!

Challenges Agrippa Faced

The route Agrippa took to carve out its place in the highly competitive world of cloud and IT services was difficult and put the team's fortitude and strategic thinking to the test. A major concern was finding a cloud solution that could satisfy the high standards of Agrippa and its wide range of clients while being technologically cutting edge, dependable, and secure.

Tech Hurdles

Agrippa experienced regular technical outages throughout its early stages of operation, mostly as a result of unstable cloud systems that required ongoing maintenance and updates. This put a strain on Agrippa's internal resources and raised the number of client complaints, endangering the company's standing as a provider of high-quality services. The main problem was that the cloud service was unable to provide a reliable and secure platform.

Solution Quest

Acknowledging these technological difficulties, Agrippa set out to find a solution that would offer the stability and security that the company and its customers need. The possible consequences of failing to discover a suitable solution, such as losing business and damaging the company's brand, served as a motivator for this quest. During this period, Agrippa experimented with a number of cloud options, but in the end, none of them lived up to their expectations because they were unreliable, unsupported, or did not provide localized data hosting, which is a crucial feature for their healthcare sector clients.

During the exploratory phase, which includes examining a number of cloud services, it became clear that not all of the options could satisfy the complex needs of Agrippa's operations. The pivotal moment occurred when the shortcomings of these solutions demonstrated the need for a more durable and dependable cloud service—one that could provide all-encompassing assistance, data security, and localization in line with Agrippa's dedication to its customers.

Why Agrippa Chose vBoxx

Following a maze of cloud services that didn't fit their strict requirements, Agrippa's quest finally lead them to choose vBoxx as their cloud solution provider. This choice was not taken hastily; rather, it was the outcome of careful consideration.


An important turning point in Agrippa's search for a cloud solution was their meeting with vBoxx. The potential of vBoxx to meet the complicated needs of Agrippa's wide range of clients — particularly in industries where data security and privacy are critical — was recognized quite quickly. The cloud service's capacity to offer dependable, safe storage options and the availability of an informed, helpful support staff were important factors to take into account.


Several characteristics of vBoxx that distinguished it from other competitors aligned with these main requirements:

  • Support Quality: Considering Agrippa's prior experiences with subpar customer service from other suppliers, the guarantee of obtaining prompt, informed support was a game-changer.
  • Data Localization: vBoxx's dedication to local data hosting was a crucial deciding factor because Agrippa's clients in the healthcare industry were adamant that their data be housed in the Netherlands.
  • Security and Reliability: Agrippa was convinced by vBoxx's track record of delivering dependable and secure cloud solutions that it could satisfy the needs of both the firm and its clients.

During the exploratory phase, which includes examining a number of cloud services, it became clear that not all of the options could satisfy the complex needs of Agrippa's operations. The pivotal moment occurred when the shortcomings of these solutions demonstrated the need for a more durable and dependable cloud service—one that could provide all-encompassing assistance, data security, and localization in line with Agrippa's dedication to its customers.

Strategic Partnership

The choice to work with vBoxx was a calculated move and the decision was motivated by a common goal of excellence and a dedication to developing a technology environment that could accommodate the changing requirements of Agrippa's customer base.

By selecting vBoxx, Agrippa discovered a cloud service provider as well as a strategic partner who was prepared to successfully handle their problems. This way, Agrippa embarked on a new chapter that would be defined by improved operational efficiency, heightened service reliability, and a fortified position in the cutthroat market for IT services.


After the initial decision, Agrippa was able to experience a seamless transition, even exceeding their expectations in terms of dependability and ease of use by prioritizing the least amount of business disturbance and providing strong assistance to immediately handle any installation concerns, as those are paramount to a migration process.


Agrippa and vBoxx's collaboration produced noteworthy outcomes that turned operational difficulties into successes. The improvement in operating efficiency was one of the most noticeable effects. Thanks to the new cloud solutions, there were fewer technical problems and a significant drop in customer support calls, as Danny told us:

"We have a lot of end users, about 1800. 80% uses the cloud solution we provide. If there are problems with the solution, you can imagine how many calls we get. We are now only getting about 10 to 15 phone calls each day, where that used to be 40 to 50."

As a result of this drop in support hours, Agrippa was able to concentrate on expansion and improving services while allocating resources more wisely. The cloud infrastructure's dependability and ease of use allowed clients to concentrate on their main tasks without being distracted by technological issues.

Competitive Advantage

Agrippa was able to satisfy the individual requirements of its clients, especially in delicate industries like healthcare and manufacturing. In addition to increasing customer happiness and trust, this established Agrippa as a top supplier in sectors where localization and data protection are essential.

The cooperation between vBoxx and Agrippa shows how strategic alliances may tackle difficult problems and enhance business operations, competitiveness in the market, and customer happiness. The experience of Agrippa highlights the need of selecting the appropriate technological partners in order to accomplish corporate goals and allow for expansion.


Agrippa and vBoxx's strategic alliance has shown to be a keystone of success, turning obstacles into chances for expansion and operational excellence. Agrippa overcame early obstacles and significantly decreased support hours, and increase customer happiness and efficiency by utilizing vBoxx's powerful cloud technologies. This partnership has raised the bar for service security and dependability, which is crucial in industries with strict data protection regulations.

With both Agrippa and vBoxx dedicated to seeking out new opportunities to enhance their services and clientele, this relationship opens the door for future innovation and growth. This partnership also highlights the significance of strategic collaboration, technological agility, and a customer-centric approach in the constantly changing realm of IT and cloud services. With a strong base under it, Agrippa is prepared to take on new opportunities and meet obstacles in the ever-evolving field of cloud computing.

How To Take Advantage?

If Agrippa's success and metamorphosis as a result of their strategic alliance with vBoxx speak to you, it's time to go forward with your own company. Whether you're trying to improve your competitive advantage, handle operational difficulties, or modernize your cloud solutions, vBoxx provides the strong, safe, and dependable infrastructure you need to succeed.

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We encourage you to find out more about Agrippa's offerings if you're attracted by their strategy and track record of successfully utilizing cloud solutions to propel company expansion. Agrippa is an expert in offering customized IT solutions that meet the unique requirements of your company while guaranteeing effectiveness, security, and scalability.

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