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KPN will stop all XS4ALL hosting services
06 April 2021
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KPN will stop all XS4ALL hosting services from 1 October 2021

Provider KPN has indicated that it will discontinue all hosting services under its XS4ALL brand name on October 1, 2021. This concerns the stopping of domain name reservation, e-mail on domain and web hosting.

KPN customers who have purchased these services must cancel them or switch to another provider before 1 October, 2021. To switch to another provider, XS4ALL offers a transfer code, which a third party can use to take over the domain name. Anyone who has not canceled or switched on 1 October will automatically lose access to all XS4ALL hosting services.

Consequences of discontinuing XS4ALL hosting services

What will happen to your XS4ALL hosting services after October 1st? If you have one of the above services, it will be phased out after October 1. The disadvantage is that you can also no longer log in to transfer your data after October 1. So make sure you have moved all of your hosting services far ahead of time! It can take some time to collect the data and information before transferring to another hosting party.

Alternative to KPN's XS4ALL Hosting Services?

If you currently use KPN hosting services and want to switch to another provider, vBoxx is the place to be! We provide high-quality hosting services such as domain name registration, reliable e-mail hosting, and web hosting.

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Our All-In-1 hosting package offers all the tools you need for your business. The package includes e-mail by domain, Cloud storage, free domain name and free web hosting.

Why is vBoxx the best XS4ALL hosting alternative?

Everything is hosted on fast SSD drives, and we only use our own hardware, which we install in highly secure data centers in the Netherlands. This ensures you are automatically meeting essential GDPR requirements (link to a page or blog). Furthermore, vBoxx is happy to assist you personally so that you only order what you really need. Do you have more questions later on? Feel free to give us a call.

Migration service

Migrating your website from one provider to another can be stressful and time consuming. Our migration service ensures that our new customers experience a smooth migration to our servers.

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