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11 Februari 2020
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Apple reseller LJS starts partnership with Doxx and vBoxx

Apple Authorised Reseller LJS became the latest partner of Doxx and vBoxx. SMEs will gain access to an extensive portfolio of Apple products, professional support, software development and cloud services.

Starting on the 1st of March, Doxx will be responsible for the IT management and support of all LJS business customers. Cloud services will be provided by vBoxx.

LJS and Doxx have been working together for years implementing the Apple @ Work concept and providing business services to improve teamwork. This includes all-in endpoint device management and cloud services based on Mac Hosting via vBoxx.

  • LJS is an Authorized Apple Reseller and Apple Authorized Service Provider. LJS sells and delivers services to consumers and the business market, including repair service.
  • Doxx provides IT management and support for the business market and is a member of the Apple Consultants Network.
  • vBoxx is a Dutch Hosting and Cloud provider, including Mac Hosting.