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Open source cloud collaboration

Take advantage of the largest open source content collaboration platform in the world.

open source cloud solution
Open Source
An open source cloud solution that helps you sync and share files.
owncloud has a large community
Large Community
ownCloud is one of the biggest open source projects worldwide.
vBoxx is an official ownCloud support provider
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vBoxx can help you find a custom ownCloud solution.
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File Backup and Storage
OwnCloud offers a large number of backup and sharing options which can be extended to organizations that want to create their own cloud configuration. The community version is free to use, while the paid enterprise version offers complete integration and management options such as mobile device support and activity log.
  • Simple off-site backup and replication
  • Cloud synchronization
  • Online file management
  • Fully integrated cloud-based disaster recovery
owncloud running on an imac
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All your files accessible via web browser
The user interface makes it easy to work with your files, no matter where you are. OwnCloud offers a mobile interface which means it can be used with almost any device, supporting devices that do not have a native app – like Windows Phone and Blackberry OS devices – as well as providing extra options for accessing files stored in ownCloud.

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owncloud admin console
Open Source Cloud Storage
Administrators can easily manage users via the web interface. To access the user management page, select your username after being logged into the website and subsequently select “Users”. A page similar to the image below will appear:
owncloud admin interface
A large open source community
A rich online community
Including support and development of ownCloud Apps. Join the community and get more out of ownCloud!